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HPS203 The Human Mind

27th June, 2023

HPS203 The Human Mind

The human mind is defined by the set of ideas that are involved in the mental aspect of the individual. For the most part, it involves the abilities of the human mind, such as thought, imagination and willpower of an individual. Accordingly, you will witness that these concepts are vastly responsible for various mental health-based phenomena such as pain, desire and intention. Likewise, you will witness various aspects of the mind tend to be discussed, which includes sensory, proposition and intentional aspect of the mind of individuals. When you study the subject HPS203, The Human Mind, you will notice that there are numerous concepts of the human mind holistically involved in the study. Here we will discuss some of the essential aspects of human psychology that one needs to be aware of.

HPS203 The Human Mind

List of Universities providing training based upon the psychology of the human mind

● The University of Queensland

● University of Melbourne

● UNSW Sydney

● The University of Sydney

● Macquarie University

● Flinders University

● Deakin University

● Curtin University

● Western Sydney University

In the universities mentioned above, students are provided with an adequate level of training which is necessary to become a qualified psychology-based professional. For the most part, it involves finding HPS203 Assessment Answers. Accordingly, you will notice students often struggle with regard to the human mind and psychology.

Course Summary of Human psychology studies

It is essential to provide adequate information with respect to principles related to psychological studies. The subject of Psychology focuses on the level of the playing field, which focuses on the relevant principles which regard the subject related to psychology as a whole. Hence we would like to inform you about the relevant concepts related to psychology.


In the first place, it deals with the concept of introspection. One needs to provide introspective information with regard to the mental lives of individuals. Besides, the problems related to introspection involve concerns related to conscious experiences related to events. Accordingly, other deeper problems involve the principles based on experiences based on providing relevant data related to introspection as a whole. Besides, it is also essential to discuss the issues that are which are involved in the risks which deal with prominent behaviour.

Perception of Form

With respect to the matter related to the matter based around the psychological aspect of perceptions. Depending upon the estimates based upon the surveys related to the psychological concepts, it becomes important to provide relevant concepts which are comparable and involve the nature of mental resources as a whole.

As a result, it becomes essential to provide the data associated with patterns of data which could lead to the relevant psychological principles which are involved in the utilisation of several principles.

Executive Control of the Mind

The executive control of the mind refers to the mechanism which is involved around the aspects with which the individuals are able to control their own thoughts. For the most part, it also involves the principles which could be used to keep the current goals of individuals in mind. Accordingly, the executive control of the brain involves the practice with which the plans can be shifted and changes related to strategy.

Social Resemblance

As an individual is a social animal, there is also a tribal mentality that is involved as a whole. Besides, it also involves phrases and concepts. Besides, it deals with the utilisation of techniques that involves phrasing, which allows a degree of uncertainty and exceptions that are involved around the social system, which is based on the social settings.

Imagery and Perceptions

In earlier studies related to psychology, the topic of imagery and perceptions needs to be provided with regard to concepts around self-image-based indulgence. The actions related to auditory perception also involve the utilisation of sound-based sense organs to develop a sense of audio. Likewise, it also involves the utilisation of similarities that are involved around various areas that are involved in the human brain.

In addition, the biological parallels around different living organisms can be studied to learn about the different imagery and perception involved in the utilisation of theories involved similarities when it comes to the aspect of imagery and perceptions.

Remembrance of complex events

The human mind is undoubtedly one of the most complex organs. Even in current times, there are several aspects of the human brain that are still enigmatic. You will notice that with the development of memory, there are certain forms of neurological connections that are involved around the brain. However, with the inclusion of emotions, there are several forms of expositions that lead to misinformation and the development of false memories. At times individuals consider these false memories to be extremely authentic.

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The psychological aspect of nursing

There are numerous psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety, which needs to be addressed in a proper manner. In addition to providing awareness related to mental health issues, there needs to be a proper platform where the mentally affected individual gets the best treatment. Hence comes the topic of psychological nursing. While you will notice that students who undergo this course need to complete various assignments. Likewise, students often seek Nursing Assignment Help in Australia to complete various projects. Besides, there are various theories involved when students learn about Psychology and Nursing. In addition, it also involves the concept of psychodynamic psychology, which focuses on highlighting based around certain dynamics that shape an individual's personality. Therefore this aspect of psychology related to nursing needs to be studied in a holistic manner.

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