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2023-05-30 23:56:30

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Webinar On Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very important and critical topic, so we, Hello Assignment Help, conducted a webinar on the 25th of April for students who are struggling with plagiarism in their work. The webinar was on “Understanding and avoiding plagiarism.” In the webinar, our speaker came with full research on plagiarism and educated students on plagiarism. Plagiarism is something that is considered an offence. Well, it indeed is! Students should check their plagiarism before submitting any content to their university. Plagiarism actually means stealing or copying somebody else's content without their permission. In the webinar, our speaker spoke about the consequences of plagiarism and how someone can avoid plagiarism. 

Know our speaker

Our speaker, Ms Rituka Agarwal, has done PGDM, Finance. She has a lot of experience in Finance. She likes to spend her time interacting with young minds to know the world from their perspective and subsequently help students come up the curve. She is a rank holder in Mathematics and has played a pivotal role in content writing along with quality checks.


Why is plagiarism a serious form of academic dishonesty?

Plagiarism means fraud. It is also considered stealing an idea of a writer who doesn't even know that you took their content without giving any proper credit to the author. Plagiarism can be offensive to many writers. If anyone puts up a copy of content anywhere, that content will be declared cheating. 

Plagiarism can be a punishable act in universities. It is illegal in many countries. Students who are assigned to do assignments should keep their assignment solution out of plagiarism. Students are not allowed to copy other writers' work and pass it on as their own. Additionally, practising plagiarism can make weaken your academic skills. You could get expelled if you submit any plagiarism work to your university. You should be honest with your assignment solutions or any content. You cannot call yourself a writer if you copy others' writing. Sometimes, student faces many unintentional plagiarisms because they lack academic skills. Building up your academic skills is more important than learning how to avoid plagiarism. 

The spectrum of offences

Our speaker made all the students understand the spectrum of offences as well. According to her research, plagiarism can be unintentional. This is because students choose to write using a source of content and paraphrase very closely. If you paraphrase so closely without using original sentences or words, your content can be plagiarise. 

Additionally, your work can be plagiarised if you build on someone's idea without citation. Students struggle with plagiarism mainly because of this. The speaker also mentioned that if a student copy's from another source without citing, it also falls under plagiarism. This can happen to most students, whether on purpose or by accident. 

Students can hire someone to write their paper, or the assignment can be plagiarism free. Also, people buy, steal, and borrow paper from other sources; it can be offensive. 

What are the types of academic dishonesty?

Our speaker has done her research and found out that there are four main types of academic dishonesty. Let's discuss it:

  • Cheating - Cheating is when you utilise or attempt to use unapproved sources of information, study aids, or resources for any academic task. 
  • Fabrication - Fabrication is the deliberate falsification or invention of any data or citation in an academic assignment.
  • Facilitating academic dishonesty - When you knowingly and purposefully seek to or assist someone else in engaging in academic dishonesty.
  • Plagiarism - Submitting or delivering any plagiarised work can be an act of academic dishonesty. 

plagirism blog

Why should we be concerned about plagiarism?

Plagiarism comes with lots of consequences for writers. Firstly, if a writer provides plagiarised content to their client, the client will be dissatisfied. In order to satisfy your client, you always need to write fresh content for them. Many writers often deliver content full of plagiarism without thinking that they are losing a client. And once you lose a client, it will be tough to get them back. 

Secondly, if you deliver plagiarism content, your work will consider a failure. It will be a failure to deliver fresh content. Everyone business or client needs fresh content to submit or upload. It is important that you provide good quality content without any plagiarism. 

Thirdly, if you are an employee working as a writer, if you publish or submit plagiarised work, you can face a salary deduction. Companies hire writers to provide them with freshly written content for them. So, it is better not to cheat in your work. 

Fourthly, the writer who copied other sources' content may get terminated from their job. Many companies don't allow their writers to copy or steal any other's content. Finally, due to this, this will damage the company's reputation. This will also put a negative impact on your reputation. It is important to focus on what plagiarism can cost you. Even as a student, you should not cheat by copying or stealing any other's content. You should avoid practising any plagiarism. 

Additionally, if we discuss this in detail, we would know that if you plagiarise, you are cheating yourself. You will adapt to cheating so much that you will find difficulties even in writing down your own thoughts. Plagiarising a paper is similar to sending a friend to basketball practise so that you don't have to, since you will never get anything from it. Additionally, you shouldn't claim the work of another author as your own because doing so would be unfair to students who complete their own assignments. 

What should you remember to stop you from plagiarising?

Students go to universities to learn to know and speak their minds, not merely to reproduce the opinions of others. Get new ideas to write your own work. If you are facing any difficulties writing a paper or an assignment, you can take help from your professors. This will help you write papers/assignments in your own words. However, you can always take assignment help in Australia. They will provide plagiarism-free solutions. 

Initially, you might find difficulties in developing and writing your own views. You might just find yourself paraphrasing other's content. However, you can teach yourself to develop your voice and write your own version of content. It may take a little time but trust your own thoughts and writing; you will definitely succeed. You are not asked to become an original thinker in one night, but you are expected to be independent. You are expected to avoid plagiarism because you aspire to produce the highest quality work. 

Why choose us to provide you with plagiarism-free assignment help?

Hello Assignment Help has the top subject-matter experts who deliver top-notch quality assignments to university students. We have got a quality check team who check over the work of our academic writers. Hello Assignment Help can be the best option if you are considering to pay someone to do my assignment. We have the best team of academic experts who help students to complete their assignments or papers. We even provide Turnitin PDF, where you can see the plagiarism percentage along with the original solution. Hello Assignment Help is all about quality. 


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