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This HLTHPS009 unit teaches students to become skilful and knowledgeable in performing successful peripheral intravenous cannulation on clients. This unit is for students who have the required qualifications of a registered nurse, medical professional, or health practitioner and extends to registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practitioners. The required skills may differ amongst different kinds of practitioners because of different guidelines of governmental or private organizations, and the students will have to perform to display knowledge through their HLTHPS009 assessment answers. These skills will be taught following the state/national rules and regulations.

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HLTHS009 assessment answers

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What are the Learning Outcomes of studying the HLTHPS009 unit?

By the end of this course, students should know about medication, preventing chronic renal failure, identifying infected limbs and bruises for proper treatment, and more. Students will be expected to give practical assessments to prove their skill set. That could have very little time to prove theoretical understanding. For that purpose, we provide HLTHPS009 academic assistance services to students. Given below are some of the learning outcomes:

  • Explain the procedure to the client for clarity in consent. Identify any other tests required for the process.
  • Assess the improvement of the condition regularly, following organizational guidelines.
  • Ensure the comfort of the client. Work in a team setting and make sure to coordinate.
  • Discuss with supervisors and check if bleeding has stopped after removing the intravenous cannula, and make sure you cover it back up.
  • Prepare and set up equipment for the procedure.
  • Discuss with the loved ones of the patient and relevant personnel.
  • Manufacturing and organizational techniques and guidelines should be applied.
  • Identify the appropriate vein and then release blood pressure curd.
  • Supervisor consultancy is necessary, especially in high-risk or complicated environments.
  • Remember to assess the personal risks and those that could affect the clients.

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HLTHS009 assessment answers

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