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In the construction industry, roller operations perform various activities. Roller operations are used in road construction and undertaking a large number of blocks. In other words, roller operation helps in completing construction tasks or projects.

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This RIIMPO317F unit elucidates the knowledge and accomplishment necessary to operate a roller. The roller operation can utilize to compact the material. This unit benefits those who have an interest in site-based jobs. For this unit licensing, the certificate requirement varies from state to state. In this unit, you learn how to load or unload equipment under the supervisor. After completing this unit, you can learn how to operate the roller within a line to complete or finish the work. Learn how to choose the roller equipment according to the procedure of the work activities.

What are the Topics Covered in RIIMPO317F Conduct Roller Operations?

There are several topics covered in the RIIMPO317F Conduct Roller Operations unit. You will get all information about the roller operation and civil projects. You can obtain support from our assignment solution on RIIMPO317F from our PhD holder experts. Here is the list of some topics, such as:

  • Prepare and plan for roller operation.
  • Operate the roller.
  • Personal safety equipment.
  • Remove and fit the attachments.
  • Relocate the roller.
  • Civil construction activities.
  • Principle of material technology.

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RIIMPO317F Assessment Answers

What Type of Skill Required for Conducting Roller Operation?

A roller is heavy engineering equipment used for concrete, gravel, compact soil, and many other applications. There are some kinds of skills required for conducting roller operations, such as:

  1. Ground or soil condition: The worker knows the condition and quality of the soil. The roller depends on the type of soil. Two types of soil compaction engineer equipment are:
    • Light soil compacting engineer equipment.
    • Heavy soil compacting engineer equipment.
  2. Isolation procedures: An isolation procedure is a process in which employees work according to the pre-determined rules. The employee should follow the steps while performing the tasks like maintenance, construction, repair, cleaning, and inspection.
  3. Equipment processes: There are several rolling machines available. The worker knows which type of equipment is used and also knows how to use the equipment. Learn how to choose the roller equipment according to the procedure of the work activities. Employees learn how to operate the roller within a line to complete or finish the work Worker knows about the pros and cons of the equipment.
  4. Handle emergency: Employees learn how to take responsibility and handle the situation of emergencies. Learn how to make a record of injuries per the requirements of the workplace procedures and policies.
RIIMPO317F assessment answers

List of Other Courses that Include this RIIMPO317F Unit

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  • Certificate III in Forest Operations
  • Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage
  • Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure
  • Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management
  • Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

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RIIMPO317F Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various kinds of equipment used for soil compaction, such as:

  • Trench compactors
  • Self-propelled rollers
  • Combination rollers

There are various kinds of rollers, such as:

  • Cylindrical rollers
  • Grid rollers
  • Sheepsfoot rollers
  • Vibratory rollers

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