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Ageing is a universal truth, but you know what makes the situation worse is when you don’t get the care and attention you need at that age. To understand the concept of ageing, students opt for gerontology courses. It deals with the various physical as well as mental aspects of ageing. If you are also studying this course and struggling with gerontology assignments, take gerontology assignment help from our team.

gerontology assignment help

In 1903 the term gerontology was coined by Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov from a Greek term ‘Geron’ which means ‘old man’. So, the term itself explains that it is associated with old age people. It is one of the essential branches of medical science. The students who are pursuing nursing courses often come across this term.

It is the study of maturing in terms of social, psychological, natural, and mental. Experts from multiple fields can be regarded as gerontologists such as science, nursing, medication, dentistry, human sciences, etc.

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What Topics Are Covered Under This Gerontology Course?

Our geriatrics nursing help experts have mentioned here the topics that you will come across during the course. Take a dekko at the topics added here -

  • Social gerontology
  • Biogerontology
  • Medical gerontology (geriatric)
  • Chronological age
  • Psychological age
  • sociological age
  • Functional age
  • Optimal ageing
  • Normal ageing
  • Pathological ageing
  • Successful ageing
  • Theories in ageing
  • Life expectancy
  • Life span
  • Longevity quiz game
  • Longevity
  • Postponing human ageing
  • Images of aging
  • Abuse categories
  • Reporting abuse
  • Adult protective services
  • types of caregivers
  • Caregiving support services
  • Dying process
  • Care of the dying

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gerontology assignment

What Is The Goal Of This Course?

This course tends to help the students holistically. Our gerontology assignment help experts have tried to tell you the goal of this course.

  • Inform the students about various stages of the human life cycle.
  • Inform the students about the type of problems and challenges old age people face.
  • Explore and analyse the different aspects of aging such as political, social, biological and so on.
  • Analysis of the factors affecting aging.
  • Effects of aging on sexuality, personality, family relations, creativity and so on.
  • Exploring the various career fields in gerontology.
  • Exploring those facts which contribute to successful aging.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Aging?

It is popularly said that age is just a number, and it doesn't change anything. This phrase is more prevalent among youngsters. But in gerontologists' perspective, aging can change the entire function of one's body. Here our gerontology assignment help providers have added some signs of aging and look at the symptoms.

  • Cells become unable to divide
  • The connective tissue which is found in between the cells becomes stiffer.
  • The functioning capacity of numerous organs reduces.
  • Heath wall becomes excessively thick
  • The muscles of the heart become less efficient.
  • Our body's main artery becomes very thick, less flexible and stiffer.
  • Body temperature sometimes becomes uncontrollable.
  • Heart rates also become abnormal sometimes.
  • Bones become very weak and thin.
  • Joints become less flexible and more rigid.
  • The cartilage and bone in joints start to weaken day after day.
  • The muscle tissue also starts becoming less bulky and weak.
  • The number of the spinal cord and nerve cells starts decreasing.
  • The connection number between the nerve cells starts reducing.
  • Plaques and tangles, which are regarded as abnormal structures, might form in the brain.
  • Day after day, the retina becomes less effective.
  • Lenses become pretty blurry or unclear.
  • The ear's wall canal gets thin.
  • The eardrum gets thick.
  • Skin loses natural moisture.
  • Skin becomes very thin and less elastic.
  • The procedure of growing nails becomes steady.
  • The colour of hair becomes grey, and it stops growing.

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List Of Top Universities And Colleges For Gerontology Course

Geriatrics nursing is one of the most famous courses in Australia. In a year, thousands of domestic as well as international students enrol in this course. Our health care assignment help providers have added a list of top universities where the highest number of students enrol.

  • University of Wollongong
  • The University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  • Imagine education Australia
  • Open training and education network (OTEN)
  • Charles Sturt university
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Flinders university

Some Characteristics Of A Gerontology Nurse

Gerontology is also regarded as geriatric nursing where the nurses need to take care of older adults. The primary function of a gerontology nurse is to collaborate with various patients, local people, and the local community to provide them with the best elderly care and support. Our gerontology assignment help experts have added some essential characteristics of a gerontology nurse. So, have a look at what we have added here –

  • Patience:Nurses from all fields need patience as they deal with numerous patients in a day. We cannot give a definite statement about the mood of any patient, so to deal with them, the nurses must have patience and the ability to listen to them carefully and solve their issues and queries.
  • Compassion:The patients who take help from the nurses are mostly very close to death. At that stage of life, taking a compassionate approach can be very beneficial to the patients.
  • Well versed with medical terminologies- the nurses are the first go-to person for the patients. So, it is very essential that a nurse must have the ability to examine the medical history of any patient. They can also provide a preventative program that will help the patients and meet their requirements.
  • Creative:A nurse must be innovative to help out the patients. Some dementia patients respond pretty well to art therapy. The creative thinking process of a nurse can heal patients incredibly.
  • Friendly behaviour:It is imperative for the nurses to behave friendly with the patients. The amiable demeanour of the nurses can give a healthy environment to the patients who ultimately lead to a quick recovery.
gerontology assignment help gerontology assignment help

Sample Assignments Done By Our Assignment Experts

Geriatrics nursing help experts of our company have done multiple assignments related to this topic. To give you a clear gist, we have added a snapshot of the assignment question file completed by us. If you want you can also download the gerontology assignment sample online from our website. Simply by registering your email id, you will get access to the sample files.

Assignment –

gerontology assignment sample

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